The Benefits of Gamification

Eksplor’s Virtual Escape Room, built on top of the American Museum of Natural History, was built with elementary-school aged children in mind. The game can be used as a “virtual field trip”, as it allows students to experience one of the most famous US museums from home! It is Eksplor’s belief that education should be fun, and that learning can happen through a game (gamification).  If you are interested in playing this escape room game, follow this link:

True Education explains that gamification in education is extremely effective in engaging students and increasing their concentration levels. Educational games can create a relaxed environment that allows students to have more ownership over their learning and feel relaxed in regard to failure. When used as a virtual field trip, Eksplor’s virtual game room is an example of how a classroom can be considered “gamified”.

To learn more about gamification, read True Education’s article here:,they%20are%20also%20having%20fun.&text=Gamification%20in%20learning%20involves%20using,information%20and%20test%20their%20knowledge