VIP Intern Program provide Eksplor with Exceptional Spring Intern

In January 2021, Eksplor hired Emma Conover as an intern through the University of Arkansas Venture Intern Program. Emma is from Wichita, KS and is a junior majoring in Marketing and Information Systems. She decided to apply for the program because of her desire to implement the skills she has learned in the classroom to real world experience, as well as her hope to gain experience working with small businesses. Emma first became interested in startups when she began her own small business over the summer of 2020. With the help of her sister, they began “Conover Swim” and offered private swim lessons. With the outbreak of Covid-19, many families were unwilling to send their children to public swim lessons, but they still wanted their kids to learn how to swim. Emma and her sister found a solution to this problem by starting their swim business. Emma handled everything from marketing to finance, to teaching the actual swim lessons.

After being accepted into the Venture Intern Program, Emma was hired by Eksplor as the Marketing and Data Analytics intern. Throughout her internship, Emma worked on several different projects. The first project was developing a marketing plan for the American Museum of Natural History Virtual Escape Room. This plan consisted of  customer discovery, growing social media accounts, developing a promotional video, and more. Another project Emma worked on was creating data visualizations for customers. She pulled data from the escape room game and used it to create a dashboard that can be used as a baseline for future visualizations that can be shown to customers. Additional projects included assisting in developing a new website, researching funding opportunities, and helping start a Kickstarter campaign. “This internship was an amazing experience because it pushed me outside of my comfort zone and allowed me to develop several new skills,” said Emma. 

Emma was the third intern hired by Eksplor through the Venture Intern Program. Learn more about the Venture Internship program here: