Eksplor Releases Custom Digital Game Builder

Eksplor Gaming released their beta site designed to allow travel destinations the opportunity to build their own trivia or scavenger hunt games. This site (hq.eksplor.co) is completely free for destinations to utilize, with simple tools that make creating, editing and publishing an onsite trivia game easy for anyone. In a few short minutes, users can have a simple game built, and publish it to Eksplor’s no-download-needed gaming app.

“We picture this tool as a means to digitally engage visitors in an interactive, fun and educational way,” said Phil Shellhammer, one of Eksplor’s co-founders. “Museums, historical sites and other destinations that understand the benefits of using games and gamification will appreciate this free and simple tool. In the coming years, we anticipate visitors will expect this type of digital integration from all the locations they experience.”

Eksplor has created this unique tool on their “headquarters” website (HQ.eksplor.co), They have opened access to any travel destination in order to create their game for free. There is no catch. Locations can utilize this tool to build a game and visitors can play that game within the app without any cost to the location or visitor.

Eksplor is a start-up organization driven to help engage travel destinations engage visitors digitally, commercially and educationally. They are located in Springdale, AR. For more information, they can be contacted at support@eksplor.co