Eksplor Aides in Engaging NWA Tech Summit Visitors

Eksplor Gaming was asked to create a game experience for the Northwest Arkansas Technology Summit, which is happening starting today and running through Wednesday, October 20, 2021. The game is incorporated into the conference as a “Scavenger Hunt” game, where attendees visit locations around Northwest Arkansas that are a participating or sponsoring the Summit. Eksplor’s app will confirm location when visited, and the more locations the attendee submits, the more points they score toward winning prizes.

Eksplor’s location-based gaming app is designed to help travel destinations, conferences and other places that house visitors in engagement, providing tools for digital, revenue generation and educational engagement. Their website (HQ.eksplor.co) is built to allow any location to create their own digital trivia game, which is completely free for host destinations to create and visitors to play. Locations interested in learning more can visit eksplor.co for more information.