About Us

Eksplor creates location-based games for cultural destinations (museums, historical locations, zoos, etc) throughout the United States and eventually globally.  These locations use our digital gaming platform to engage families and in particular children, extending both the educational opportunities and total visit time to the location. 

Our Mission

Create a fun and educational experience for youth at museums and other cultural destinations. To support this mission, we take inspiration from trivia apps, scavenger hunts, escape rooms, puzzles and geocaching and turn the learning inconsistency that currently exists at these places into experiences that bridge the gap between fun and education.  Eksplor is developing a scalable mobile platform, where the content of the games themselves can be curated by the experts from the individual locations. By combining the location’s expertise with the gamification capabilities of our platform, we provide an educational outcome that is far superior in depth and longevity than current solutions provide.  

Want to learn more?

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